all i did this year was get more gay

Anonymous: Hey not going to lie your blog is perfect Do you have Facebook or anything like that so we can send each are cute messages and stay up late just talking about everything together x x x

Sure yeah bby this is my Facebook C;

Anonymous: You're absolutely gorgeous & you're one of my favorite blogs. I adore you so much 😊💕

Aw thank you baby <33 I’m so happy you like my blog ily

Anonymous: So if you like the ladies... Are you a lesbian? Or bi? Or nah? Jw.

I’m pansexual C:

Anonymous: You know what? You are my girl now. I claim you. We'll have a relationship that's like super cool friendship with kisses. And I'll write you poems. And cute messages. And tell you how beautiful you are every day. Because you are super special.

WHY ARE YOU ON ANONYMOUS BABE? Hell yeah, I’ll be your girl. We can write poems to each other back and forth and share corny jokes. oh oh and cute messages are a must. I love you so much omg.